GovWebcast Video Streaming

GovWebcast Solution empowers local governments to webcast public meetings and announcements on the Internet live or on-demand. The public webcast provides live streaming video with synchronized agenda items, meeting minutes, linked documents and reports, and optional closed caption text. Immediately after the live webcast, the synchronized webcast presentation is automatically archived in searchable format and can be accessed at anytime on-demand on the Internet. Citizens and internal government staff can search recorded webcasts based on simple keywords similar to popular Web search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

GovWebcast already empowers county and city governments all across the country to broadcast live and on-demand public meetings over the Internet to over 20 million citizens every month. Designed specifically for local governments, GovWebcast is a fully managed service, allowing local governments to offer rich media webcasts without investing in costly streaming media infrastructure, extra bandwidth, and added personnel. The streaming video service supports live and on-demand webcasting, with the ability to synchronize agenda/minutes documents as well as display and search through closed caption text. This solution is ideal for webcasting public meetings live and/or on-demand over the Internet to extend public access beyond your typical cable broadcast. We’ve designed the solution to be both customizable and intuitive, allowing you to achieve desired results with ease. Under the GovWebcast Solution managed service, all the required software and servers are located in GovWebcast’s state of the art data center. Unlimited Internet bandwidth, technical support and software update are all included in a fixed monthly fee.

The public can not only access meeting webcasts anytime, anywhere, but can also engage in a more interactive and powerful searchable format that allows users to search webcasts based on agenda items, meeting minutes, linked documents, and closed caption text. Users can jump to the exact point in the video, based on matched search results, to view agenda items synchronized with streaming media.

Public Access – around the clock, from anywhere in the world

With GovWebcast Video Streaming Solution, you can give your constituents access to webcasts twenty-four hours a day, from anywhere in the world. The GovWebcast Solution seamlessly integrates with your public website, automatically indexing and publishing each webcast into your archived meeting schedule. And most importantly, the web portal is fully customizable to reflect your city, county, or organization brand identity.

Award-winning Search Technology

Internet viewers can browse webcasts on your website, or search for specific meeting content. The GovWebcast Video Streaming Solution supports multiple search techniques, including keyword searches for agenda items and closed caption text. Users can perform any combination of Boolean search and database query forms, and pinpoint not just a particular meeting, but a specific section of the meeting.

Intelligent Distribution for your Internal Staff

For added cost savings, let your internal staff browse, search, and view meeting webcasts without requiring any Internet bandwidth. The GovWebcast Video Streaming Solution has Intelligent Distribution capability to automatically redirect Internet audience to GovWebcast data center and internal request to your Intranet without incurring costly bandwidth expenses.

Full Reporting Statistics

GovWebcast Solution generates comprehensive usage statistics to take the guesswork out of which webcasts your constituents are accessing. A full report describes access statistics for each webcast presentation, bandwidth usage, keyword search requests, Web browser type, client computer type, and more.

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