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News:  Pictron GovWebcast Quick Start program enables City of Longmont, Colorado in record time.                                             Pictron GovWebcast now supports Windows Media, Silverligh, Flash, and H.264 on multiple platforms.

Pictron GovWebcast Solution expands local government public access way beyond cable TV broadcast to the Internet. It builds on top your existing broadcast infrastructure without replacing it. The public not only can access meeting webcasts live and on-demand anytime, anywhere, but also engage in a more interactive and powerful searchable format that allows users to search webcast based on agenda items, meeting minutes, linked documents, or closed caption text. Users can jump to the exact position inside the video based on matched search results to view agenda or minutes items synchronized with streaming media. Pictron GovWebcast Solution provides seamless integration into your public website with branded look and feel.

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In addition to our Pictron GovWebcast Video Streaming Solution, Pictron has developed an integrated solution to automate the legislative workflow. GovWebcast Minutes Producer empowers city and county clerks with the next generation technology to easily record roll call, motions, votes, speaker notes, and synchronize to streaming video during or after the meeting, bringing a new level of efficiency to these manual tasks. GovWebcast Meeting Manager streamlines and simplifies the entire agenda management process - from proposing and approving agenda items to creating, publishing, and distributing a final agenda package. The web-based tool automates once manual steps - so there's no more time wasted collecting, photocopying, and manually distributing paper forms.

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Pictron GovWebcast Solution empowers county and city governments across the country to webcast live and on-demand public meetings on the Internet. Designed specifically for local governments, GovWebcast is a fully managed service, allowing you to offer rich media webcasts without investing in costly streaming media infrastructure, extra bandwidth, and added personnel. Pictron GovWebcast Solution is powering Internet broadcasting to over 20 million residents in the United States each and every day and has been adopted by large and small local governments such as Los Angeles County (CA), Orange County (CA), Palm Beach County (FL), Hillsborough County (FL), Riverside County (CA), Lee County (FL), City of Longmont (CO), City of Tampa (FL), and City of Riverside (CA). Pictron GovWebcast provides the most comprehensive and scalable solution for local governments starting from $99 per month. Get Started